Here are some things people are saying about us!


Great job last night!!  Over 100 students here!!  Great turnout!!  Great energy!!  Great way to kick off our week!!

Not only did things go well, they set the tone for the rest of the conference. They were fantastic. I appreciated their ability to quickly involve the audience and how clean their humor was. More than one of my colleagues from other schools commented on the fact that they didn’t need to go blue to get the audience to laugh. There was discussion at the membership meeting the next day
that encouraged members to book from the agencies involved. Mission IMPROVable and your
agency’s name were at the forefront of that discussion.

You could say that our Mission IMPROVable show was COMICAL, But that doesn’t even begin to describe this talented group of individuals. Mission IMPROVable does not rehearse or have any script. They are a professional IMRPOV(able) group that loves hearing laughter come
from their audience. They are hilarious, polite, and wonderful to work with. They can turn
anything into something funny.

Yes!- Mission IMPROVable was FANTASTIC! I missed most of their show (as I was running around doing other things) but what I did see was great! Our vendor who sponsored them was thrilled, and all the managers attending conference thought it was one of the best evening events
of conference! We would love to have them back sometime!

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in booking Mission IMPROVable for Stage Revue this year. They were an amazing group to work with and a perfect fit for Stage Revue!! They brought a whole new atmosphere to our event and the audience absolutely loved them!
Thank you for helping to direct me to this group for Stage Revue.

I thought I’d beat you to the punch and send you a message about Mission Improvable and A Shot of Reality. Both shows were outstanding! Using MI to hook the students into coming to A Shot of Reality was great too. Our drug and alcohol person was very impressed and was even
introduced during the show!”

In 2006, Mission Improvable took on Lollapalooza’s Mindfield. They carried the day with a constant stream of hyjinx. Watching them get into it with the audience was comedic surgery; purely sidesplitting… It was our best Mindfield ever!

We loved Mission Improvable! I had high hopes for the act but they guys exceeded all of them. I think the school will definitely be asking for their services again in the future. I’m sure we will be in touch soon for more fall events. Thanks again. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you guys.

The MI guys were great and the students loved them!!!

Mission IMPROVable was fantastic! They are a great, fun, courteous group of men. Everyone loved the show!

It seemed like the crowd really enjoyed the show, and I know the students in the Odd Request improv group were really happy that they got to open for you guys and meet you all before the show. You all were great to work with, which made the show an even better experience.

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how great a job the group of Mission Improvable did at our After Prom Party. Gosh, we laughed so hard, and they got the students involved all the time. What a great suggestion from you to check them out for our Party. We will definitely keep them in our address file for future engagements. So, if you rate them for their performance, please give
them a 10+ with 10 being the highest. They even took time to play a game or two of dodge ball.

I wanted to follow up and let you know that we had another great event with the Mission IMPROVable guys. They are completely awesome (you know that!), very easy to work with, down to earth and the students absolutely loved them! Many students have stopped me today and said, “We HAVE to get them back here!” I definitely consider that a win.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how well the show (Mission Improv) went.They were awesome and the students loved them! Bass/Schuler never disappoints!

The guys from MI were fantastic yesterday. Great show, very cool with the students, easy to work with. I had a blast!

Just wanted to say thank you for recommending Mission IMPROVable! They were fantastic and our campus loved them!

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