MI Alumni

How it all began…

Mission IMPROVable has been around in one form or another for a LONG time now. The show started at UMASS and came out of the UMASS Mission IMPROVable cast there. (UMASS still has Mi going strong too). Then 6 guys from the larger group broke off and moved to Chicago to start learning and touring this fast paced style of comedy in 1998. The original six guys were:

Lloyd Ahlquist
Jason Reis 
Ryan Kiessling 
Jeff Durand
Jason Shomer
Aaron Krebs

Then around the first year of touring, which was at the Orlando Fringe festival in 2000. We added Sean Monahan.

As the guys started to run out of touring gas, we then added what came to be known as Gen 2. Circa 2001ish. Sean Casey, Mike Betette, and Pete Shukoff. Dennis O’Toole also joined the tour after those 3 guys.

As those guys tour days came and went we added, Gen 3, Colin Sweeney, Chris Gorbos, Joey Cranford, Patrick McIntyre. Also Bryce Wissel joined while these guys were already touring too.

As those fellas came and went we added more guys. Kyle More, Mort Burke, Nathan Jansen, Pat Dwyer, Aaron Ellsworth, Frankie Cusimano, Stu Rase.

As people came off the road and left we had a few different incarnations but the next wave of gentlemen were: Adam Higgins, Drew Korb, Pat Kiely,  Keith Habersberger & Mike Norris . We rotated in Dave Sill, Matt Garard, and Byron Kennerly. Then added Sherman Edwards, Mike Keeney and Kevin Branick.

We’ve also had quite a few talented improvisors join our ranks part-time:
Jay Sukow
Mike Lehrer
Matt Barrats
Greg Hess
Dan Gordon
Timmy Tamesia
Timmy Mayse
Rich Baker
Joey Greer
Chad Reinhart
Atul Singh
Zack Zimmerman
Brendan Jennings
Jake Scheider
Michael Larimer
Mike Gerdwagen
Padric Connelly
Brad Einstein
Seth Dodsen
Mike McClendon
Morgan Christensen
Trevor Tevel
Andy Cameron
Vinny Lacey
Scott Hogan
Seth Dobson
Jeff McKinnon

We are so excited and proud of our growing MI family and all that we’ve accomplished and we can’t wait to continue our mission of spreading and sharing the awesomeness of improv.

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